Are you looking for professionals who add value to your organization? Do you want to take the next step in the growth of your company? ENGNR connects organizations with ambitious and enterprising professionals. Our professionals help you get even more out of your business.


It is of vital importance to continue to develop as an organization in the field of technology. Technology contributes to the optimization of business processes. Technology helps you reach new heights, discover new insights, improve your current processes and renew data the right way.

Our young professionals give companies new insights, while experienced professionals are no longer surprised by a challenge.


How can ENGNR help you grow? 


Scarcity of technology professionals? – Not with ENGNR.

ENGNR offers the solution. Developments in the field of technology keep on coming at high speeds. ENGNR makes sure you will not lag behind your competitors by providing professionals who are aware of these developments. We make sure that the employees get personal training programs so that they can always be up to date. This way they can immediately add and keep adding value to your organization.


ENGNR does not only support jobseekers with personal training programs. We also offer them extensive coaching. What do they want to achieve during their career? How do they achieve these goals and how can they keep developing themselves? Which type of client suits them best? By asking the right questions, we ensure the right match between you as a client and the professional as a contractor


Extensive selection of professionals

All our professionals are tested for their qualities and abilities. A perfect match is more than a matching interest in specific subjects. We only work with professionals who are motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious. People who want to get as much out of their career as possible.


Would you like to know more about our role as a mediator between professionals and providers? Contact us, we’ll be glad to tell you more.